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Olivia Diaz – Hispanic Heritage Honoree

Cox Communications is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, 2022, by honoring four Southern Nevadans for their contributions to our community. Now in its third year, Cox’s Hispanic Heritage Month honorees reflect Southern Nevada’s diverse community where Hispanics/Latinos comprise 32 percent of the population, according to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s 2022 Perspective.

Councilwoman Olivia Diaz is a native Las Vegan who grew up in east Las Vegas with her hardworking, immigrant parents and six siblings. A graduate of Rancho High School and UNLV, Councilwoman Diaz is a former educator and member of the Nevada State Assembly representing District 11 from 2010-2018. She was elected to the Ward 3 City Council seat in June 2019.

Senator Moises “Mo” Denis – Senate District, 2, Las Vegas – Nevada Senate President Pro Tem (00:03) Olivia deserves to be recognized during Hispanic Heritage Month, because she truly embodies part of our community in the Hispanic community that really cares. And she’s grown up here. She’s raised her family here. So she’s really a great example. And to many people, especially kids that she’s taught and others that she’s helped.

Olivia Diaz – City of Las Vegas Councilwoman (00:36) I’ve had a really amazing childhood here. I went to Sunrise Acres Elementary and I’m proud of Rancho High School, and the very first one of my family to go to college here at UNLV. So I just feel like I grew up in a community at that time, that was still very connected, and just helpful to the youth that was running around and trying to figure out who we were and who we wanted to become.

MD (01:08) Olivia has made an impact in the community by really having a vision for where we need to go and working towards that, you know, her passion for service just always shines through. And she really tries very hard to do what’s right for the people. And I think that that’s where she’s made her biggest impact.

OD (01:26) It’s a huge responsibility. I do take it very seriously because I want to be one of many Latina leaders. You know, we have Senator Cortes Masto, who is the first Latina in the entire country to hold that seat. And here at a local level, I’m the first Latina to represent on the city council. And I think it’s important that our kids do see themselves in all spaces in all places, and that if we put in the hours of work, and it can happen, if you are dedicated and you persevere, and you just immerse yourself around good mentors that will help you get there.

MD (1:54) I think people in our community really see her as a great example what can happen when we provide opportunities for our kids, you know, she’s grown up in the neighborhood, and now she’s giving service. I think people are very proud of all the work that she’s doing.

OD (02:10) You know, getting to be the voice of your community in the place that you grew up is just extra meaningful and special, and it’s almost personal for me. You know, our community is so diverse here in Southern Nevada, and we’ve had pioneers and, you know, we know that even the explorers that came through here before there was anything were of Spanish descent. So I just, it just feel very grateful for the opportunity to be highlighted amongst other giants in the Latino community. Latinos have added so much to the fabric of our community in terms of sweat, and hard work. I mean, they really are the backbone sometimes of our economy, and I think we can’t forget that.