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Tony Sanchez – Hispanic Heritage Honoree

Cox Communications is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, 2022, by honoring four Southern Nevadans for their contributions to our community. Now in its third year, Cox’s Hispanic Heritage Month honorees reflect Southern Nevada’s diverse community where Hispanics/Latinos comprise 32 percent of the population, according to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s 2022 Perspective.

Born and raised in Southern Nevada, Tony Sanchez joined NV Energy in 2007 and is currently Executive Vice President, Business Development and External Relations. Prior to joining NV Energy, Sanchez practiced law and served in a number of state and federal government positions including as a legislative counsel for then U.S. Senator Richard Bryan and subsequently as counsel for then Governor Bob Miller. He also served as an attorney for the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. He is a graduate of Valley High School and UNLV, currently serving as Vice Chairman of the UNLV Foundation and as a board member on the UNLV Libraries Latinx Voices Committee.

Dr. Marta Meana – Former UNLV President (00:02) I met Tony Sanchez when I was dean of the Honors College here at UNLV. And then I worked very closely with him when I was interim president of the university.

Tony Sanchez – Executive Vice President – NV Energy (00:13) I’ve been on the UNLV Foundation, the better part of the last decade, K through 12 and higher education are very important to me personally, because of what it’s done for me in my life. I got my undergraduate in political science, at UNLV, graduated there in 1988. And then went immediately to Arizona State law school, we didn’t have a law school in Nevada at the time. And that one was relatively close and affordable, and I got a terrific legal education there.  And the opportunities that I’ve had is because of the education that I got, and the study that I was able to do at UNLV.

MM (00:49) The personal impact that Tony has had on me is an interesting one, I have a set of mentors who don’t know, they’re my mentors, because they’re my mentors simply by being who they are, and me watching them and watching Tony exercise his servant leadership has always been an inspiration to me. And I’ve learned a lot watching him.

TS (01:24) The past dozen or so years, I’ve been on the executive committee and continue today of the Public Education Foundation focused obviously on K through 12. We’re big supporters of Communities in Schools, where they literally put staff in the schools so the teachers can teach, and communities and school staff can help the kids. So we’re big supporters of that. We’re very active, but in my personal role and passion, it’s always been education based, but at the same time, I have a real fondness for Nevada’s environment. So I’ve been involved in many environmental organizations, as well. Not to mention, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, I was the past president and served on that board for well over a decade. So it’s, it’s fortunate at NV energy, they allow us to participate in causes that we have a passion for.


MM (02:02) Tony is the type of leader that I think is the best kind of leader. He’s a servant leader, which means that he prioritizes the common good, above all, so his mission focus instead of Eagle focus, and that, in my estimation is true leadership.


TS (02:22) If you’re happy and doing your job, and you’re out there in the community, you know, that’s the that’s the reward that you get right to actually get paid to oversee Community Relations and, and work with our foundation. I mean, that’s the best of both worlds. You don’t do these things because you want accolades or recognition. But it’s certainly nice that folks recognize that but I have, it’s my job here at NV energy to make sure our employees are also recognized for what they’re doing, and to provide them with the tools that they need to be happy here and as well as giving back to their community, so it’s a double win for me