Patricia and Ashley chat with Tommy and Richard from New Realm Brewing Company and find out just what makes their brewery a fun and upscale dining experience.
I never saw myself becoming an author.  My book, Fin: A Story of Love and Hope, started from a recurring dream. 
Rachel Ann’s passion is to spread mental health awareness and help others realize mental health is just as important as physical health. She has been in the field since 2005 where she started her journey volunteering at her hometown’s crisis hotline.
Never Stumble Consulting is unlike any other fitness company.  We provide the best customer service and life coaching while assisting people in overcoming fear, anxiety, marital problems, addiction, stress, worry, and phobias etc. 
Simply put, I LOVE PEOPLE! I have always been an extrovert and enjoyed being with others, connecting with likeminded individuals, and learning about people and their goals/dreams. 
The families in need get a wonderful warm meal and the volunteers get the opportunity to reach out and actually meet the people they are helping.
Welcome to 2021! Are you ready to navigate all of the financial pitfalls this year is likely to throw your way? Neither are we! So we brought Lisa Chenet from CLP Financial Group in to help us wrap our minds around ways...
This weeks, Road Trippin’ in the 757, takes us to Currituck county, just a stone’s throw away from Hampton Roads, to check out the sites. 
Most couples plan for the setup but never for the breakdown. The end of the night breakdown is usually always an after thought. Lots of friends and family want to help "Set-up" but no one wants to stay for the breakdown after a full day of event prep and celebrating.
But I wanted to tell a story about our youth and how sometimes they feel marginalized and misunderstood by their parents and the adults around them.