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Love, Hope and Following Your Dreams

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We spent some more time getting to know Gamal Williams:

What prompted you to become an author?
I never saw myself becoming an author. 
My book, Fin: A Story of Love and Hope, started from a recurring dream. 

I would have the dream like 4-5 nights a week for almost a month.


Finally, I woke up at like 2am and wrote out 12-15 pages of what would become the first chapter of the book. 

I sent it to Sasha, who would be come my publisher, and she loved it.  I decided to keep going from there.


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We are in January, a time of year when many people focus on resolutions and making new goals. What encouragement can you give to people who are looking to achieve new goals?
Be honest.  Don’t say you’re going to do something for the sake of doing it. 
1.  The person you are right now made it through quite a bit of adversity.  Value that.
2.  Once you’ve learned to be honest with yourself, you can truly evaluate what is and what isn’t a benefit or hindrance to your life. 
3.  If you have decided to make a change, you won’t wait for an arbitrary day.  You’ll start working on it immediately….and you’ll know if you are committed to make that change.
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Tell us about your book.

Fin is a story about a young man growing up in the fictional area of Valebrook, Norfolk.

He’s the son of a Navy Master Chief and befriends two boys that come from troubles families. 
Their friendship has many ups and downs, but leads to a tragic series of events that drastically changes their lives.
Its a story of friendship, brotherhood, love and family.
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