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Lasagna Love -Helping Hungry Families in Need

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In these crazy days, organizations like Lasagna Love can make a huge difference for everyone involved.

The families in need get a wonderful warm meal and the volunteers get the opportunity to reach out and actually meet the people they are helping.

We spoke with Sarah and learned more about what getting involved meant to her.

What exactly is Lasagna Love and what do you do?

We are a group of women and men who help families in need by making and delivering lasagna!

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How are you different from other food donation organizations?

We are simply a group of people who want to help others and we found a way to do that through something we all do every day – make dinner for our family.

Many of us engage our entire family in the process of making lasagna so our neighbors can have a warm, delicious meal.

Where are you located?

We are a nationwide organization.


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How did you become involved with Lasagna Love?

Through the power of social media I saw a friend who was making her first delivery and I thought to myself – that is so great. I need to sign up…so I did!

What do you love most about this organization?

It’s something so simple that means the world to the recipient family. To me, it’s a small act of kindness – to the family it’s comfort, it’s knowing you kids aren’t going to bed hungry, it’s relief from the stress of trying to find out where the next meal is coming from.

How does volunteering with Lasagna Love support your passion?

It helps me set an example of kindness and philanthropy for my son and two bonus daughters.

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Facebook: @WeAreLasagnaLove

Instagram: wearelasagnalove

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