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Get the Mind and Body You Want with Never Stumble Consulting


After watching Rob work with his clients, and seeing how passionate he is about helping people get fit, we just had to know more. Luckily, he was able to share more about Never Stumble Consulting with us and answer a few questions. 

How is Never Stumble Consulting different than other fitness training organizations? 

NSC is unlike any other fitness company.  We provide the best customer service and life coaching while assisting people in overcoming fear, anxiety, marital problems, addiction, stress, worry, phobias etc. 

With personal development, we also assist adults and children with their physical and mental health.   We provide individual personal development sessions virtually, in person and over the phone as well as individual personal fitness and self-defense training. 


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New call-to-action What is your “motto” and why is it your motto? 

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey, Never Stumble Counseling keeps you on firm ground.” We are passionate about assisting people in overcoming obstacles. 

Never stumble consulting

What impact do you hope to have on people? 

Every person in the world needs personal development in some area of their life.  I strive to be that little voice behind every good person helping to make them great. 

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