Living 757 Podcast

Wood looks beautiful, but can be easily damaged by scratching or “water” from pets.  So how do you get the look you want without worrying about upkeep? 50 Floor has waterproof flooring that is made with wood, and looks like wood, but will hold up to Fido’s house training accidents -problem solved!
I am a piano player by heart and naturally I gravitate towards the soulful r&b style, but in my debut album I give off a Bruno Mars vibe that is different than what people are used to hearing and seeing me do.   
So while we don’t know exactly when we will be in the clear regarding this pandemic, it is reassuring to know that there are things we can do to help stop it from spreading.
With a goal of providing  maintenance-free living, terrific dining, events and entertainment for their residents, Warwick Forest hits the ball out of the park.
Each season brings a different batch of “U-Pick” treasures; strawberries, apples, peaches, and pears, but the real draw is their world-famous Peach Wine Slushy! Available in regular and “virgin” this sweet, ice cold, smooth treat does not disappoint.
One of the greatest advantages of hosting VAOA Podcast is meeting new people who introduce me to “hidden gems” all around the commonwealth.
Located on the Rappahannock River, this park provides some of the loviest views of the area, so make sure to put Belle Isle State Park next on your list of outdoor adventures!
Did you know that not only can it be very dangerous to dig into a utility line BUT aside from that, you would be liable for any damage repairs?
Park attendance in Virginia Beach has spiked during the Covid pandemic as people are looking for fun, safe things to do outdoors. This makes the Woodstock Skate Park a wonderful new option.
The goal of these programs is to enrich the lives of children through the exploration of creative arts in a safe, supportive, accommodating, and structured environment.