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There is no prep!  Not only do they bring you the showroom, they will move your furniture, remove the old flooring and install and finish the new flooring and clean up after themselves. 
And what could go better with a light fresh lunch than a light fresh tasting beer.  Karen samples the Vanguard’s very own, gold medal winning Kolsch style ale.
Only about an hour’s drive from Hampton Roads, you will truly feel like you are “away” from the everyday world.  The drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is beautiful, as is the wide-open spaces along Route 13 as you drive north up the Eastern Shore.
Riverside Regional Medical is a comprehensive stroke center.  This means that they can treat both minor and major strokes and offers all levels of stroke care necessary to patients.
During the period more than half the city’s population was Black, most of them enslaved. The city was a major trade and diplomatic hub with indigenous tribes within Virginia land claimed by the British extending to the Mississippi.
Did you know that not only can it be very dangerous to dig into a utility line BUT aside from that, you would be liable for any damage repairs?
Inequities in education have always existed and a critical factor of economic and social success is who gets the opportunity to read. The COVID-19 crisis and disruption of learning in schools has exacerbated and dramatically expanded the reading gap. Normally,...
Have you been itching for a getaway, but don't want to go too far? Have no fear! We've got you covered with the perfect spot that will meet your travel-bug needs, without breaking the bank
Patricia and Ashley chat with Tommy and Richard from New Realm Brewing Company and find out just what makes their brewery a fun and upscale dining experience.
After their free in-home consultation and you have chosen your favorite new floor, the work begins.  In many cases, 50 Floor can come in and can complete the projects in just one day.  How easy is that?