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In addition to owning Humanitas Counseling, Rachel Ann Dine, MA, LPC, LMHC is the podcast host for Norfolk Public Library’s mental health podcast, Living Freely, available on all major streaming platforms.  We were able to dive in deeper with Rachel Ann Dine, and learn more about her passion for helping others with mental health issues.

What does Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC do?

Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC is a group mental health practice specializing in women’s mental health, specifically depression and anxiety management.

Where is Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC located?

We are located in Chesapeake, Virginia

What sets you apart from others?

We strive to provide down to earth, compassionate, and quality mental health counseling in addition to excellent customer service to all of our clientele.

After working in mental health agencies for 10 years, I wanted to create my own private practice that made mental health counseling feel accessible, yet very effective.


We strive to provide each client with tools and empathetic listening to live life well! I use this same philosophy with any activity I involve myself in, and Living Freely Podcast is no different.

Each week, a different topic on helping you to achieve optimal mental health is created and realistic strategies and education are provided.

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What is your slogan and why is it your slogan?

The mission statement for Humanitas Counseling is “Empowering you to be kind to yourself through making healthy decisions that work for you and your life” because mental health is personal and unique to each person but the choices we make on a daily basis have the propensity to help us be a better version of ourselves, or keep us from growing.

My personal slogan is “Be proactive, not reactive”. Owning a business (and mental health!) can be unpredictable and to choose to be proactive versus getting caught up in negative emotions has been a key tenet of success for her.

What is your passion?

My passion is to spread mental health awareness and help others realize mental health is just as important as physical health. I have been in the field since 2005 when I started my journey volunteering at my hometown’s crisis hotline.

This experience solidified my love of mental health and wellness and being an advocate of such and propelled my to receive my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Psychology as well as become licensed to practice at the independent level.

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Facebook: Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC

Instagram: Rachelanndinecounseling

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