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Make Money with a Blog and Some Help from Amber Miller

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After learning how to make our blogs work for u$ (see what we did there?), we wanted to find out a bit more about Amber and why her blog is so successful:

What type of blog do you have?

I am a lifestyle blogger, marketing/ advertising, video production, content creation, etc.

How are you and your blog different from others?

My brand is unique because of my story, my love for helping others, and my passion for sharing my life with my audience!


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Where are you located?

I am currently located in Smithfield, Virginia

Do you have a slogan or motto you live by?

“Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself” 

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What advice would you give to a beginning blogger?

The most important thing for entrepreneurs is to know their “why.” I preach this all of the time and it is essential to being successful, especially in the competitive world of social media. My “why’s” are my family, future, and legacy.

What do you love most about what you do?

Simply put, I LOVE PEOPLE! I have always been an extrovert and enjoyed being with others, connecting with likeminded individuals, and learning about people and their goals/dreams. 


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