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Gametime Arizona: A field goal for a cause

"Global Credit Union Kick for Courage" gave Emerson Hussey the chance to win $600 for scoring a 25-yard field goal.

Arizona’s Gametime match-up on October 20th between Saguaro Sabercats and Liberty Lions was a special one.

Every week as part of the in-game activities during the Arizona GameTime match-up there’s a half-time challenge “Kick for Cash” sponsored by Global Credit Union. A lucky student, attendee, or school staff has the opportunity to win money by successfully scoring a 25-yard field goal.

On October 20th at the Saguaro vs Liberty matchup, Liberty High School was organizing a cancer fundraiser event during this game called “Lap for Courage”.

Global Credit Union saw the opportunity to join efforts with Liberty High School, support the cause and for one day only rename the event as “Global Credit Union Kick for Courage”. The school selected boys head soccer coach Tyler Hussey, who is going through treatment for cancer, to do the kick. Tyler is undergoing treatment and could not do the kick, so he asked his daughter 12-year-old Emerson Hussey, to attempt the field goal.

Roland Pilapil, Global Credit Union’s V.P. of Branch Administration, attended the game on behalf of the company and decided to surprise Emerson by tripling the prize from $200 to $600 for a successful field goal attempt.

Emerson Hussey successfully kicked the field goal with plenty of clearance, not only creating a special moment for her dad and family but for the Liberty High School community as well. Emerson became the first person to make the Global Credit Union Kick for Cash this season.



Gametime Arizona is in the last week of the regular season. Arizona will broadcast two more matchups: Arizona first-round playoffs on November 9th and Arizona Quarterfinal Playoffs on November 17th.

Watch Gametime Arizona High School Football on Cox channel 4 in Phoenix, channel 7 in southern Arizona on Cox Contour TV or live streaming free on watch.yurview.com. Games are also available on your TV or phone by downloading the YurView app on Google PlayAmazon FireRoku, and Android TV.