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Tidewater Arts Outreach Shares the Joy and Healing Power of the Arts

“We match artists with opportunities to share their talents with people who cannot get out and experience the arts” shares MaryAnn Toboz, Founder & Executive Director of Tidewater Arts Outreach. “We’re asking our artists…..to let them paint, let them sing, let them share their poetry and their stories, and it’s coming back to reward us 10 fold.”

She continues “We’re focused on elderly people because there are so many living in Hampton Roads in congregate care settings that have little access to quality arts experiences.” She explains that their experiences are often marked by loss, be it home or spouse or family, etc. “We’re helping to fill back some of that loss with something new that they can engage in so that they feel fulfilled and appreciated.”

Learn how you can get involved in this caring and worthwhile organization on this segment of Yurview’s Spotlight On.