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Covid 19? There’s an App for That!

Sponsored By: The Virginia Department of Health

Becoming the healthiest state in the nation, is the vision of the Virginia Department of Health.

To accomplish this, the department incorporates expert information along with the latest technology.

We had a few moments with them and were able to take a deeper dive into one very important initiative they are promoting in the fight against Covid-19.

Where is the Virginia Department of Health located?

Our main office is in Richmond, VA, but the VDH has health departments throughout the state.

How is the Virginia Department of Health working to keep Virginians healthy?

The Mission of the Virginia Department of Health is to protect the health and promote the well-being of all people in Virginia.

COVIDWISE specifically is the nation’s first exposure notifications app for COVID-19.

When was COVIDWISE created?

The COVIDWISE app was launched August 5th.

How does the COVIDWISE app work?

The COVIDWISE app was developed in partnership with Google and Apple and uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to quickly notify users who have likely been exposed so they can reduce the risk of infection.

Where does COVIDWISE work?

The COVIDWISE app currently only works in Virginia, but steps are being taken to add it to the national key server which would allow the various state apps to work with each other.

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How do I use the app?

Add Your Phone to the COVID Fight to Help Virginia Stop COVID-19.

By simply downloading an app you could help protect yourself and your community and help prevent future infections.

After you download COVIDWISE on your iPhone or Android, follow the app instructions to turn on your Exposure Notifications.

This allows you to be notified if you’ve likely been exposed. 

Your phone and the phones around you will work in the background, without draining your battery or data, to exchange these privacy-preserving anonymous tokens via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

This is a passive process that begins once you opt-in and functions without the app open.

On a daily basis, your phone downloads a list of all the anonymous tokens associated with positive COVID-19 cases and checks them against the list of anonymous tokens it has encountered in the last 14 days.

 If there’s a match, the app will notify you with further instructions from your public health authority on how to keep you and the people around you safe.

What is the goal of the Virginia Department of Health and the COVIDWISE app?

The more Virginians who download the app, the more effective it will be in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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