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What would you do with a weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia? Here’s a start!

Sponsored by; AAA Car Care Centers Written by; Deanna Dallas

We hopped in our cars, and took another great Road Trip with AAA Car Care Center.

Have you been itching for a getaway, but don’t want to go too far? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered with the perfect spot that will meet your travel-bug needs, without breaking the bank…

Without a doubt, one of my favorite cities to frequent is Williamsburg! You can literally find something for every sort to enjoy as there is an abundance of beautiful nature, masterfully preserved architecture, national history, thrill-seeking adventure, scenic drives, local eateries, wineries and breweries. I could go on and on!

So let me break it down for you…

History buffs, this one is for you! Many people have heard of Colonial Williamsburg and immediately think of their quaint, restored buildings and dirt and cobbled roads. What you may not know is that these streets are biker friendly, dog friendly, and are free to stroll! You do not need a ticket to walk the Colonial City.

However, I do highly recommend purchasing a single-day ticket, as this grants you access to the gorgeous Governor’s Palace, the historic trades, private gardens, and museums.

Not only are the buildings stunning, but the interpreters within each role are so knowledgeable and engaging, you truly do feel as though you have been sent back in time! My favorite part of the experience is hearing their stories and standing in their shoes. An added bonus would be for all of you Instagrammers out there, as these spots are must-sees for your next selfie stop!

Colonial Williamsburg also holds a variety of separate ticketed events and encounters from ghost tours and carriage rides to Haunting on DOG Street (their trick or treating event) and colonial-style garden parties. You will want to book these in advance, as they do sell out!


Staying the day? Stop at any of the fantastic colonial taverns for a meal (Chowning’s Tavern is my absolute favorite). You won’t be disappointed! They have a variety of dining styles to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of their offerings!

You can also choose to eat at one of the restaurants located at a Colonial Williamsburg Resort or Hotel. Again, any option is a great choice!

Be sure to stop at one of the many gift shops before heading home for an 18th Century keepsake! I personally love my stuffed animals recreated after the actual livestock bred and kept there on the property, such as the lambs and rare breed horses.

This next spot is for the lovers of the reds and whites, the sweets and dries. There are numerous wineries across Hampton Roads, but Williamsburg Winery has always been my must-stop to sample the local bouquet! Here you can choose to simply delight in the wine offerings in the Tasting Room, or book a private tasting and tour.


They also have a charming restaurant on location called Gabriel Archer Tavern, and the somewhat new addition of Wedmore Place, their delightful B&B! I have thoroughly enjoyed every offering on the menu, which has always enticed me to return.

My absolute favorite wine is an aged dessert recipe called Settler’s Spiced Wine. This originally caught my attention due to its historic attributes and its homage to our local settlers. The bottle has also served as décor in my home throughout the years. Isn’t is precious?!

I will say that not only are their cellars impressive and beautiful, the winery vast with a wine for any pallet, but the wines are also winners! That’s right… these wines have won gold, double gold, and a variety of other awards across the world over the years. When you visit Williamsburg Winery, they aren’t afraid to show off their bling throughout their wine shop.

Needless to say, whether you are looking for a relaxing evening with your loved one, or you’d like to impress your out-of-town mother-in-law with your impeccable taste, be sure to visit Williamsburg Winery and start creating those fond memories you’ll reminisce over for years to come!


Thrill seekers?! I’ve got you covered, too! Voted “The World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” 30 years in a row, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has year-round entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!

Get your culture on and take a trip through Europe! Whether it be by foot, train or sky, get your fill of England, Scotland, France, Germany and many more countries at Busch Gardens.

Partake in limited-time events such as the can’t miss Christmas Town or the delectable Food and Wine Festival! There’s also the haunting Howl-O-Scream for your Halloween frights or beer lovers will delight in the Bier Fest, complete with an authentic Oompa Band and dancing.

Have little ones? Then head on over to Land of the Dragons or Sesame Street Forest of Fun for an adorable selection of pint-sized rides, playgrounds and stage shows. But be forewarned as the mother of a toddler myself… Once they see Elmo and friends, they will never want to leave. Ever!

Busch Gardens is also so much more than just coasters and kids rides, they also offer an awesome selection of shows, animal encounters, dining options, shopping and beautiful scenery! There are many weekends you can find me and my little one enjoying a walkabout, simply taking in the stunning views.


Now naturally, I saved the best for last. My absolute favorite thing about Williamsburg is the DRIVE around Williamsburg! The Colonial Parkway scenic drive is just… zen.

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In the summer, this drive is so green and luscious, with overhead bridges of old-world bricks. In the autumn, the stretches of the drive that are paved with red bricks blend beautifully with the foliage of the trees losing their leaves and baring their branches.

The overlooks onto the riverways, the tall, waving grass within the marshes and the waterfowl migrating to and fro are straight out of a Nat Geo documentary. It’s a sight to behold. Not to mention, it is not uncommon to catch many auto enthusiasts parked alongside the parkway to snap photos of their precious rides posed in front of the lush background. It is sheer perfection!

So when visiting Williamsburg, just take your time, go the long way and enjoy the ride!


If you happen to visit the Colonial City and hit any of the spots mentioned here, be sure to tag @Living757 and let me know what you thought! Do you have a favorite spot not mentioned? Let me know! I’ll be sure to check it out the next time I’m Road Trippin’ to the ‘Burg!

And of course, like always, Safety First! 

Before you hop in your car – make sure it is road ready.  My friends at AAA Car Care Center are always ready to help you get safely on the road and off to your new adventure.

Happy travels!

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