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The Vanguard’s Fish Tacos are the Perfect Catch

Sponsored by The Vanguard Brewpub and Distillery

Our friend Karen from Cooking from the Heart is on a cooking hiatus, and she heads to The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery! Their head of operations Amelia Emr, shows her some of her favorite tasty treats from their menu.

Amelia shows us the Vanguard’s mouth watering beer battered fish tacos. They are made with cod, and they are battered with their house Caiseal beer. She lets us know that these are her favorite!

Beer battered fish tacos at the Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery

As if the tacos weren’t amazing enough on their own, they come perfectly matched with the Vanguard’s street corn. The corn is super light and refreshing, and is a great pairing with the fish tacos! 

The Vanguard's street corn

No meal would be complete without a drink: so for this scrumptious meal Amelia paired it with their house-brewed “Double Snap Guns”, which is a double IPA featuring notes of pineapple and orange. Are you thirsty yet?!

The Vanguard's Double Snap Guns Double IPA

The tacos, the street corn, and the beer all come together to form a superb meal!

When you’re hungry and craving some of the best food in the 757, make sure you check out the full menu at The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery!

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