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How #LatinaGeeks Helps Women Succeed

#LatinaGeeks mission is to empower and inspire adult Latinas by sharing technical knowledge, business skills, and entrepreneurship resources through hands-on workshops and community events. 

Written by: Suzy Reyes – San Diego Chapter, Vice President | #LatinaGeeks

#LatinaGeeks is a nonprofit organization with chapters across the western United States. Our chapters are led by volunteers who are the heart and soul of the organization; their contributions and leadership critical to fulfilling our mission. Lead volunteers play a vital role in helping to create an organizational culture to support and empower women in technology, while also fostering global citizens and powerful agents of change here in the United States. 

In 2022, #LatinaGeeks has hosted 9 workshops with sponsors ranging from Amazon, Intuit, ResMed, Cox, Autodesk, and more. These workshop topics cover areas that our community wants to learn about such as job search tips, cloud computing skills, personal brand tactics and more! In 2020, we pivoted from an in-person learning environment to an online webinar format which helped us reach #LatinaGeeks across the country. This provided an opportunity for even more attendees to join us and learn on their time. Here are some takeaways from previous events that were shared from attendees: 

  • “This surpassed all my expectations! Keep up the good work!” 
  • “I really liked the breakdown of the example LinkedIn page. It really helped me get an idea of how to apply the new ideas.” 
  • My favorite part of the webinar was… “questions and at the end when we were all vulnerable in sharing similar struggles” 
  • I will use this information I just learned to “update my profile and not be scared to show off my skills “ 

On August 20, 2022, #LatinaGeeks hosted their 10 Year Anniversary Inspirada Awards & Gala where four Latina industry leaders who have pioneered innovation, fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship— and are using technology to create a transformative impact in our community, our companies, and our world were honored with awards. #LatinaGeeks also honored a ‘rising star’ whose vision and spirit of innovation are helping to make the world a better place. 

The winners were:  

  • Diana Segura, Intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory won the Rising Star in STEM award.  
  • Maria Oliveira Tamellini, Co-Founder & COO at GamerSafer won the Technology Entrepreneur Award.  
  • Diana Iracheta, Founder & Executive Director at Latina Engineer won the Emerging Leader Award. 
  • Martha Montoya, CEO & Founder at AGTools won the Social Impact Award.  

The spectacular event brought much-needed awareness that nonprofits such as #LatinaGeeks need support from their community to continue to drive impact and realize their vision for a more equitable future for Latinas in the technology industry. The generous contributions and donations received at this fundraising event helped secure future programming to benefit more Latinas working in STEM.         

#LatinaGeeks goal is to continue to make an impact in the comindad. We can’t do it without those who attend our events, and our sponsors who generously provide knowledge during our workshops to better the community. 

To learn more about #LatinaGeeks, visit https://latinageeks.com/ 

To donate to #LatinaGeeks, visit: https://latinageeks.com/donate/  

To become a sponsor for #LatinaGeeks, visit: https://latinageeks.com/sponsor/

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Cox is proud to support the work that #LatinaGeeks is doing to uplift the community.