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Los Chavos De Loyal – Drumming Up Support

When the San Diego Loyal Soccer Club launched in San Diego in 2019, it also launched a flurry of fans and fan clubs.
Chavos de Loyal is an independent supporter group of futbol enthusiasts, organized to promote and encourage participation in futbol and to support the San Diego Loyal via stadium chants, drum banging, tifos, banners, flags, crowd movement, and involvement in the game. Chavos de Loyal represents the diverse cultures within the futbol community, and they do it with passion.

 Kevin Herrera – Founder & President – Los Chavos De Loyal (00:12) Los Chavos is the support group we support San Diego Loyal soccer club. We basically are kind of like a barra-style supporter group, kind of like South American flavor from San Diego

 KV (00:31) Supporter culture just especially because the sport is so big, it’s worldwide, you have supportive culture, that’s different kinds of styles. You have a European way of supporting South American. So we wanted to bring us kind of like a South American Mexican Argentinian kind of culture here. We bring a different culture. So we bring, obviously the Spanish chants, chants from the barrio, we bring that bombo, that repiqe  those drums that are used in South America

Adriene Delgado – Philanthropy & Lead Drummer – Los Chavos De Loyal (1:01) So now that we have something for our very own, it’s, it’s beautiful and you know, we can really you know, manipulate it to be the way we want it to be and, and to something that really represents us personally.

KV (01:12)So before the game, we go and set up our trapos which are our banners. We go to the  stadium, put our drums in there and then make sure everything looks good for game day.

AD (01:23) So in the 109, we have currently three different supporter groups we have ourselves and then we have The Locals and then we have  Rainbow Loyals, which are our LGBTQ pride supporter group and between the three of us we’ve decided to come together in that one section and really kind of blend and really kind of make one sound and one community that represents all of San Diego you know when you play the drums and you when you sing the songs you know, it does something for yourself.


KV (01:56) The places the Chavos hang out,  game days for sure Deft  Brewing,  pre games for home games. Then we got away spots like 3 Punk Ales, we have Novo Brazil and we have KeBURROS in National City.

AD (02:13) We are part of the community we live here. I know for a fact that anything that’s donated to us ever, whether it be backpacks, turkeys, Christmas gifts, anything like that, it’s going back to the children and we make sure of that.  The backpack drive is something that’s very fulfilling to me because last year we handed out 75 backpacks on Logan Avenue. And then come November we’ll have our third annual Turkey drive which we’ll  be giving out turkeys and all the fixings. Last year was our first big season together, and you know, it was amazing, and you know, it’s been a building project from the beginning, since I met these guys to now but to see how much it’s grown from then to now it’s been amazing.

KH (02:50) Chavos is definitely a family atmosphere. We invite everybody to like, come to the games. You know, come chat with us,  even if you’re not in the section. Come watch a game, it’s fun. Everybody is  welcome.

Alejandro Guido – San Diego Loyal Soccer Club