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Road Trippin’ Visits Knotts Island

Sponsored By: AAA Car Care Center

AAA Car Care Center brings us another great road trip!

Looking for a ½ day get away with the family, a friend, or even just yourself? Take a short drive to Knotts Island, home to the Martin Farm & Winery.

The drive is slow and winding, and while not many miles long, it still offers you a break from your fast-paced week and some lovely scenery along the way.

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The family owned farm is an absolutely beautiful piece of property on the water with a view you can get lost in.

Each season brings a different batch of “U-Pick” treasures; strawberries, apples, peaches, and pears, but the real draw is their world-famous Peach Wine Slushy!

Available in regular and “virgin” this sweet, ice cold, smooth treat does not disappoint.

They sell their own wine too, along with a few other local gems of salsa’s, honey, produce, preserves, and more. Peach firewood is regularly for sale as are tree saplings from time to time.

The open-air pavilion provides shade and the scattered picnic tables a place to rest and take in the view of the water. Bring your own blanket and a chair and enjoy a book for a while. There is no rush!

No outside food or pets are allowed, but you will find the time well spent just taking in all the farm and the scenery have to offer!

You can even host events there when COVID isn’t an issue.

For more information about the Martin Farm and Winery: martinfarmandwinery.com

On the way down for breakfast, or on the way back for lunch (they close at 2 PM) we have our favorite stop.

We like to treat ourselves to brunch at the Redhead Bay Café! YUMMY food and Cocktails!

Check out their great menu items!  Facebook: RedheadBay

So…like we always say, Safety First! 

Before you hop in your car – make sure it is road ready.  Our friends at AAA Car Care Center are always ready to help you get safely on the road and off to your new adventure.

Happy travels!

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