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6 Sites Commemorating African American History located in Chesapeake, VA

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In celebration of Black History Month, Quincy takes a road trip following along with the Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail Self Guided Driving tour.

A podcast leads you on this journey through African American history with 6 six stops at sites of historical importance.

The First stop is Battlefield Park where the earliest land battle of the Revolutionary War in Virginia.

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Black people who were enslaved fought along-side the British with the promise of freedom from Slavery.

Next, Quincy visited the Afro-Union Civil War Soldiers Memorial. This memorial is the only one of its kind in Virginia.

It is dedicated to the celebration of the known, and unknown Civil War soldiers and sailor Patriot Heroes.

On his third stop, Quincy heads to the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. This trail is on the Nation Register of Historic Places.

This swamp was part of the underground railroad, through which slaves traveled on their search for freedom.

Quincy continues on to his fourth stop: The Superintendent’s House.

This is believed to be the only structure on the land once owned by the Dismal Swamp Canal Company.

The Cornland School is Quincy’s fifth stop.

Built in 1902, this school was initially established by the formerly enslaved people not long after emancipation.

Finally, Quincy heads to his 6th and final stop: Cuffeytown.

This town is historic community formed by black people who were free, its origins can be traced to the 1700s.

It is one of the oldest continuous communities in Virginia with this distinction.

The Cuffeytown Historic Cemetery is the largest cemetery for afro-union soldiers from the Civil war with soldiers from Virginia many of whom were Cuffees.

This road trip is an incredible historic journey.

To get more details about this road trip, check out Visit Chesapeake.

Since you can experience the tour from the safety of your own car, it makes it a safe, educational experience you can have, even during a pandemic.

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