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Expanding your family while coping with Quarantine

Episode 214 ; Sponsored

Welcome back, Hampton Roads, to another episode of

This week we continue to do our virtual show live from home! Like all of you, we are making the most of this time with the resources we have. With that in mind, pardon our lag and technical difficulties.

We kick it off with an update of how are hosts are Living it Up in Quarantine. We then follow it up with some Good News surrounding volunteers around our community, as well as some celebrities who are doing their part to give back to society!

Next, we chat with Brandy Burd, a Birth Doula who is here to explain the benefit of a home birth in these times of uncertainty. Brandy expresses the fears of future mothers who are now deciding whether a home birth or hospital birth is the safest choice. She explains the importance of birth without fear, safety in labor and educating yourself on your rights. If you are expecting, this is a segment you won’t want to miss!

So you may not be expecting a little one, but are you looking to expand your family in other ways? We take you to Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center! Here you can find that furry companion that you and your family have been missing. This center creates a homelike environment that creates a comforting and realistic setting for their dogs, making the placement process that much easier for both families and dogs alike!

Are you struggling with the challenges of homeschooling? We have Ellen here, from McDonald Montessori School, to offer some advice and tips on teaching your child. Ellen explains the importance of structure and the benefits in creating a schedule. It will be easier for your child, and you, if you create a designated learning space in a quiet environment. Tune in for more information!

We then stop by Taylor’s Do It Center in Virginia Beach. Taylor’s OPEN, and they are locally owned and operated while being less crowded than the other home improvement stores! If you are using this quarantine time to fix up your home and garden, stop by Taylor’s for your wares. Not only does Taylor’s have what you need, but they are following all safety precautions, such as marking their floors and offering curbside pick up.

We also wanted to give a quick shout out to Taylor’s who is offering a bonus to all employees that work the month of April! Thank you for taking care of your associates!

Up next is Sharon of Warrior Way Wellness Center. Sharon addresses the concerns around mental health, stress and anxiety while society is put into quarantine and exercising social distancing. Sharon offers some tips on coping, such as creating a wellness toolbox. Check out her pointers and let us know if any of these methods works for you!

We then return to the gun range with Better View Windows and More as they demonstrate the benefits of stronger glass. With a variety of windows available, it is important that you protect your home with windows that will keep your home secure in any situation. Check out this demonstration to see which thickness was able to stop a bullet, and which will stand the strength of a hurricane!

Our final guests are the Heather Edwards Band, here to perform a cover of Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. Enjoy!

As we wrap this week’s show, we want to remind you all to send us your pictures and videos of how you are Living it Up in Quarantine to Share@Living757.com! We will see you next week!

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY HOME!