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DIY Halloween Costumes at Goodwill

Sponsored By: Goodwill of Central and Northern AZ

Did you wait until the last minute to come up with costume ideas for Halloween this year? Well, don’t stress about it because Goodwill has all of the items you’ll need to create a look everyone will love.

Social media influencer Dede Cortez visited Goodwill on YurView’s Arizona Living: Your Life, Your Style and met up with Lea Soto Graham, Goodwill Marketing Manager. And Dede grabbed a few easy DIY Halloween costumes while she was there.

Watch the video above for creative, last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas, or read the full video transcription we’ve provided below (lightly edited for clarity).

DIY Halloween costumes, Goodwill

Halloween Costumes at Goodwill

Dede Cortez (00:03) – Hi, I’m Dede. I love shopping at Goodwill, especially during Halloween season. And today I’m going to show you how easy it is to find a costume here. So let’s go.

Lea Soto Graham, Goodwill Marketing Manager (00:20) – Goodwill is a great place to shop for Halloween costumes because you’re going to save on your costumes. You’ll find something for everyone in your family, and you get to be creative. The average cost of a Halloween costume is going to be from just a couple of dollars for a kid’s costume or a one quick item out the door.

LG (00:35) – And you can spend a little bit more too if you want to buy a lot of different accessories…15 or 20 dollars, you’re going to put together something really fun. Getting creative with your costumes is so easy and it’s part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill.

(00:46) – So check out the Halloween section which you’ll find at every Goodwill store. And then be sure to branch out into the rest of the store. Look for accessories. Maybe it’s a black dress for a witch’s outfit or a ruffle blouse for a pirate’s costume. There are a lot of different things that you’ll find in the Halloween section. And then really put that creativity to work when you branch out and look around. And see what you can find.

DIY Halloween costumes, Goodwill

Creative DIY Costume Ideas

DC (01:06) – There’s so much you can do with something as simple as a white sheet. You can turn this into a ghost. Or if you get a head start, you can transform this into the Bride of Frankenstein.

(01:15) – Oh, these are perfect Edward Scissorhands, and all we would need to do this are some skinny jeans, a black shirt, a jacket and a big belt. So let’s try it out. Okay, all we need to find in this section is a black jacket. This one is perfect. Now we need to find black pants and some belts. Okay, let’s see. I like these. Perfect. This is what we need. We’re gonna take all of these belts.

(01:56) – And this is the final product. I love how creative I can be at Goodwill and that my Halloween budget always goes so much further. Not to mention, they also have really great décor.

Dede Cortez, DIY Halloween costumes at Goodwill
Dede Cortez

Goodwill’s Halloween Décor

LG (02:09) – You’ll find a great selection of Halloween décor at Goodwill. Those fun punch bowls to set a spooky table setting with, different plates to layer and stack if you want to throw together a fun Halloween dinner. And then check around the different household items, goods areas even outside of a Halloween selection.

(02:25) – You’ll find different things, and you can really put together something fun and unique. You might even find new, packaged items at Goodwill too. Be on the lookout for those. You never know what you’ll find at different stores.

DC (02:36) – Thanks for coming along with me today. And don’t forget to expect the unexpected this Halloween at Goodwill.

DIY Halloween costumes, Goodwill

Community Support

LG (02:43) – Shopping at Goodwill supports the community. When you shop at Goodwill, when you donate to Goodwill, you’re helping support our mission services of ending poverty through the power of work and making a big impact on the environment as well. Visit goodwillaz.org for all of our locations to find the store near you.