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Ideas for Your Leftover Halloween Candy and Costumes

By Jane Monzures

Halloween is an exciting time with all the parties and prep, but when it’s over, you are left with lots of candy and all those costumes! So why not upcraft those Halloween leftovers into something new. First, let’s talk about the costumes…

Create a “free cycle” for your friends and neighbors. Grab a bin, throw your costumes in the bin and share them. Next year you can have a party a month before Halloween, invite your neighbors, classmates and friends over to exchange costumes! Another great way to reuse the costumes are to donate them to a theater company; they can use them for productions throughout the year.

Repurpose the fabric. Halloween costumes have so much great fabric to use for something else. From a pumpkin costume, create a thanksgiving table place setting sash. All you do is cut the pumpkin fabric into strips, burn the edges (or use pinking sheers to give it a raw edge) and using puffy paint, write your guests names on each sash and put it on the plate! There you have it, an easy name place sash for everyone at your Thanksgiving table.

Cutting orange pumpkin costume fabric into strips with pinking sheersUse puffy paint to write a name on the table sash

Create a Thanksgiving table centerpiece from a peasant costume or maybe a pirate outfit… just cut the costume into strips, pin it into and around a foam wreath, add pinecones or other embellishments and you have a rustic centerpiece.

A Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece made from an old costume

Elsa, is the iconic princess from FROZEN, and her costume is still a fan favorite! So, don’t toss out the costume when the Halloween party is over, use it to make a festive holiday wreath. Just cut the dress into strips and pin it into a foam wreath. Use the sparkles and jewels already on the costume for embellishments and you are saving money for this beautiful door décor.

Elsa Costume made into a festive wreath

Remember, it doesn’t end with Frozen or Thanksgiving or Christmas you can do decor for New Year, birthday parties and all year around … repurpose the costume fabric for any occasion.

Candy Corn Candles

Switching gears to all that Halloween candy, once you have sorted through the candy…think about your Thanksgiving table décor!

Left over Candy Corn creates a candle centerpiece by simply filling up a mason jar and sticking a candle in it.

You can also make sweet treat boxes for your guests. Wrap an old jewelry box with craft paper and tie on fall colored ribbon then fill the box with left over mini candy bars. Place one at each table setting and every one gets a special treat.

Sweat Treat Boxes for the Thanksgiving Table Get the kids involved in this handmade movement and make gummy necklaces. All you need to do is thread the gummy worms, or gummy rings, or gummy fish on plastic lacing using a large plastic needle, tie a knot at the top and you have a fun and edible necklace

Gummy Candy Necklaces

And finally, if you have so much candy leftover that you don’t know what to do with it, freeze it! Pull it out in the winter months and make a sweet brownie dessert for the family!

Candy Bar Brownies

There are so many ways to rethink Halloween when the party is over! Just get creative and have some fun with it!

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