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Creative and Clever DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Jane Clauss, host of Creative Living has a few clever and creative DIY Halloween costume ideas to have you fit for first prize at your virtual costume contest. You can make them at home and they’re quick, easy and inexpensive.

Smart Cookie 

Since many of us are focused on homeschooling this year, how about being a smart cookie? All you need is a cap and gown. Then print life size images of cookies, cut them out and tape them all over the gown.


If you want a more classic Halloween costume, grab a plain white t-shirt, cut out sections of it to create a rib cage illusion. Then wear it over a black shirt and you can get creative with skull face makeup.

Instagram Filter

An Instagram filter costume is so on trend and easy to do. Start by taking a screenshot of your favorite filter on Snapchat. Next, have it printed on large poster board. Then cut out an oval in the center for your head. And paint your face to match.

A little inspiration and imagination can go a long way in creating the perfect DIY Halloween costume.

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