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Brunch Big Easy Style with a Side of Southwest


When it comes to brunch we all have our favorite places to go.  However, what happens when you are looking to shake things up?  This month on Creative Living, we do just that.  We are serving up brunch with a dash of Southwest and a pinch of Big Easy.  With two recipes, two locations, show host Jane Monzures shows us how two chefs put their own twist on brunch for Creative Living fans!

From Scottsdale, AZ, we head to New Orleans where we look up our old friend, chef Andrea.  He’s been serving up brunch in Metairie, LA for years.  Let’s go behind-the-scenes and check out his Italian-twist on a brunch favorite.

We’ve showed you two really great brunch ideas, but how many of us can’t quite get going without our weekday staple?  No matter the day of the week, a good cup of coffee is probably at the top of the order.  Host Jane Monzures shows us how to brew a great cup of coffee.

All of these ideas perhaps inspired you to plan a brunch for your family or friends? Host Jane Monzures has a fun idea to help with place tags and it’s the perfect way to showcase your creative side.

Maybe after brunch you find you have some time to explore a garden or you want to find ways to create a grow-area for your home?  Check out the ideas we got from True Garden.

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