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Ready or Not, We’re Going Back to School

Aw the sound of keyboards clicking away, it must be time for Zoom School.  Ready or not, we’re going back to school.  Many of us are scrambling to assemble desks, find the last laptop online, and quietly melting down because this year is different.  Yes, 2020 has presented many challenges, but simple ones like sending your kids to school is suddenly HUGE!  Ask anyone who has to share a computer with their six year old.

We get it and we share your pain. That’s why this month we looked at ways to help with going back to school, even if it means you will never leave the driveway.  First up, need a little help getting dinner time back on track?  Mr. Sizzle, Rod McConnell of Midwestern Meats has that covered.  He’s going to take one cut of meat and show you how to make three meals out of it.  With that skillset we are going to sign Rod up to teach math this semester.

You’re now set with new menu ideas for dinner, but is there any help for your home office that is doubling as a one room school house?  All those episodes of “Little House On the Prairie” didn’t quite prepare you for 2020.  Need room to grow? Manuel Builders is assisting home buyers with helpful advice on what you need to know before you build.  Architect Doug Gauthier is here with Pro-Pointers and Building 101.

Did you and your family pick up a four-legged friend this summer?  Many of you recently welcomed a new addition to the family.  Pet adoptions are up.  Thank you! (Insert applause here) Just like you, they need occasional trips to the doctor for a check up.  How do you select the right vet for your pet?  We asked our friends at Exceptional Pets that question and turns out it’s pretty easy when you know a few things first.

Ok, grab your bestie it’s time for recess!  Yes, we said recess.  Even if you never leave home for school, you still need to get out, push back the keyboard, get some fresh air.  Need ideas for how to make recess fun?  Here’s Niki Jones with San Diego Moms to share a few of her family’s favorites.

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