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Are You Planning A Road Trip?

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road trip

Are you planning a road trip but need some help along the way? If so, you’re in luck! Our friends Karen and Barry from Destination Virginia took a drive to Smithfield, and they found a super helpful phone app that has all of the help they needed!


First, they got lost and almost ran out of gas! Thankfully, the ABNB Federal Credit Union Value+ app was there to save the day.

After finding gas and getting their location straight- they had some time to kill before lunch! The ABNB Value+ app just so happens to be really helpful with deals and the locations of places to shop!

Karen and Barry are tired, but they notice that their tire is almost flat! Definitely not conducive to a road trip! They need some roadside assistance before they can head home. Luckily, the ABNB Federal Credit Union’s Value+ app can help them get the service they need! They use the app to find a close place to eat while they wait.

Make sure you check out the ABNB Value+ app for all of your road trip needs!

road trip

To find out more here: https://www.abnbfcu.org/

For the app:

Apple Download Link

Google Play download link

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