Ashley Fish

summer safety

Summer Safety for Kids

Attorney Zac Hutchison from Huffman & Huffman joined the Living 757 crew to help educate us on “trauma season,” and how to hopefully avoid a trip to the ER!
motorcycle shopping

Patricia Goes Motorcycle Shopping at Cycle World!

It is no secret that Patricia has many talents and enjoys lots of different activities. But one of her favorite past times will always be shopping!
Pure Barre

Find the Shakes with Pure Barre

Pure Barre is low impact, but high intensity. That means that it will elevate your heart rate, without being too hard on the joints!
Chesapeake Humane

The Chesapeake Humane Society’s New Digs

The Chesapeake Humane Society plays a really important role in the lives of countless animals. Emily Friedland, their development manager, brought the most adorable dog named Jane to hang out with Ashley and Susie! 

Beat the Heat with ECCO

Patricia loves being outside when the weather is nice! She also loves to work outside when she can. Her umbrella broke, posing a huge problem when it comes to using her computer outside on sunny days! 
ring toss

Ring Toss Game!

Quincy, Ashley and Susie play a ring toss game with some peculiar rules. Those rules are made up by Q and Ash for when they actually succeed at ring tossing!

The BayPort Foundation

Scholarships through the foundation are available to members and their families. They are available to high school students, college students and even working adults!
french apple cake

French Apple Cake

Everybody get excited!! Our friend Karen from Cooking From the Heart is joining us for the next stop in her world tour- France! She is making a French apple cake that is sure to make you hungry.
public health

The Many Talents of the Virginia Department of Health

It’s really important that the Virginia Department of Health is able to inform the people in the communities of anything that may jeopardize their health. Awareness is important, because people can then make better informed decisions regarding their health. 
closet factory

Closet Factory Turns Houses into Homes

Shantoya found Closet Factory during a Google search and submitted an inquiry. She set up a meeting with Carol Carruth, one of Closet Factory’s senior designers.