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Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Sponsored by: American Furniture Warehouse

There’s no place like home…regardless of its size. If you live in a small house or an apartment, decorating may seem challenging, but there are easy and affordable ways to make your living space look more stylish and feel larger.

The folks at American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) are experts at decorating spaces of any size. Ashley Kaminski, AFW Buyer, made a guest appearance on YurView’s Arizona Living show to share ideas on how to decorate small spaces.

Watch the segment above. Or check out the transcript below to get the details in writing (lightly edited for clarity).

AFW, Decorating small spaces

Monochromatic Look

Ashley Kaminski, AFW Buyer (00:05) – This year, celebrate your home with a fresh style from American Furniture Warehouse. Here’s the thing. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We were able to design this small space room for under $2,000. Here, we’ve decided to go with a monochromatic look that’s accented by pops of yellow and gold.

Comfortable Seating

AK (00:25) – This sectional with shades maximizes seating and comfort without overwhelming the room.

Small Space Storage

And just like with any small space, storage is key.

AFW, Decorating small spaces

By pairing coordinating bookshelves with simple and clean furniture in the room, we’re able to create a look that is unique and quite contemporary.

AFW, Decorating small spaces

Accents & Accessories

AK (00:41) – Finally, what brings this room all together are the pops of yellow and gold throughout the space.

The yellow accents and the rug draw your eyes to the yellow chair. And the gold accessories give this space a curated look.

AFW, Decorating small spaces

AK (00:55) – You can find everything in this room and more at American Furniture Warehouse.

Visit American Furniture Warehouse’s website at afw.com.

AFW, Decorating small spaces