If you have a plumbing emergency you don't want to wait for help. We introduce you to the experts from Roto-Rooter who work 24-7 for their customers.
If you're tight on space but need an office area the design experts at American Furniture Warehouse have some great ideas for you.
Jane heads to Hazel and Violet Letterpress Print Shop to learn about this older form of printing.
Nancy Hill, the owner of Hazel and Violet gives Jane a lesson in the art of letterpress printing. This technique dates back to the 15th century and was the primary way to print until the 20th century.
Jane heads to Hazel & Violet on this episode to learn the art of letterpress printing. We tell you why REEIS has been one of the top Home Performance contractors in the nation. Get plumbing tips from Roto-Rooter and AAA Hardwood...
In this Craft Room Crash Jane goes back in time to make a macrame plant holder with Amy Guerrero.
We show you how learning to sew can improve your life and add a touch of style to your home. We take a trip to The Sewin' Asylum to visit with the experts.
During National Sewing Month, we head to The Sewin' Asylum to see how one woman is trying to keep the love of sewing alive by teaching others the art of using a needle and thread.
A torch, some metal and imagination and you've got the makings of our next Craft Room Crash. We introduce you to a woman who is putting the petal to the metal.
Do you have a bunch of old concert t-shirts cluttering up your closet? Jane Monzures has a cool DIY project that re-uses all those tees in your closet.

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