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New Year, Healthier You: Set Yourself Up for Success

By Erica Cardenas

The new year is in full swing which means many people are working hard to stick to new goals. At its core, a New Year’s resolution is an attempt to change your behavior by either creating a new habit, like reading more books, or to change an old one, like chewing on your nails (guilty!) Whatever those goals are, the key to making any kind of change is to set yourself up for success.

On this month’s episode of “Your Health” we share some helpful tips on doing just that. Also on the show, I enthusiastically take to the mat and attempt goat yoga, something I’ve had on my personal must-try list for quite some time!

New Year, Healthier You

Experts agree that a key ingredient to sticking to a goal is to pick a change you actually want to make. For example, if you’re motivated to cook at home more often, you’re more likely to make that happen. In otherwards, when you look forward to doing something, it doesn’t feel like an obligation or a chore.

One of the goals I’m motivated to accomplish in 2019? To exercise outdoors more. I’m typically more of an inside, at-home exerciser, however this year I’m looking forward to changing that. I actually love the outdoors and thoroughly enjoy trying new forms of exercise, so when I found out we were heading to Goat Yoga Arizona earlier this month, I was super jazzed.

We all know by now that yoga is a great form of exercise so when you add goats into the mix, one may question how the two are even relatable? The truth is, animals that love to interact with people, like goats, can actually be great for our health. For starters, studies on animal therapy suggest that animals can help humans increase their longevity and can even reduce symptoms of conditions that are brought on by stress, and the list goes on.

Original goat yoga founder, April Gould, shares more on the many benefits of goat yoga. Perhaps you’ll be adding this form of exercise to your must-try list, too?! 😉

Create Habits

Keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind is one thing, but creating habits that will actually lead you to your goals is entirely different. And that’s where we want to be. With a good plan in place, you’ll have a roadmap to getting to where you want to be, which is a lot better than just trying to wing it as you go.

For example, if your goals include getting healthier and exercising more, schedule your workouts or trips to the gym on your calendar so they’re locked in place, making it more likely that you’ll actually go. Assign a time each day when you’ll practice this habit. When you hold yourself accountable to sticking to the plan and schedule, you’ll begin to see positive results, too.

  • Intention Tip: Planning ahead and rewarding yourself go hand in hand when it comes to accomplishing goals. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, break it into five pound milestones and reward yourself with each success. New workout gear or a well-deserved day trip somewhere fun are on my goal reward list! 😉

Bring on the Positive

New Year’s goals don’t always have to be about subtraction and cutting out unhealthy habits. For example, instead of vowing to get rid of those vices like cookies or caffeine, plan on adding more protein to your diet, or add a veggie with every meal. Again, having a game plan and being prepared is key to sticking to your goal.

  • Intention Tip: One thing you may want to add more of is sleep, which might just be one of the most underrated goals! According to studies, a well-rested person will have a much easier time succeeding at a healthy change than a tired one. So if you find yourself struggling with willpower or stamina, you may just need to sleep on it.


Being good to yourself – mind, body and spirit – can happen any time of the year. The best way to form a healthy habit and achieve a new goal is to choose something you like to do, and just start doing it.

Most importantly, don’t forget to trust the process and enjoy the journey along the way.

Stay healthy, my friends!

Erica Cardenas (@ericacardenas1)