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State of the Art Closet Construction in a Brand New Home

Mike Gingerich is a contractor who has built over 100 custom homes with his 34 year old business. His wife, Caroline, not only works with Mike, but is also a professional body builder.

With this kind of experience, this couple knows that new construction can be a difficult and “weighty” undertaking. Now they’re building their own home from the ground up, but with weather delays the project seems like a load that’s almost too much to bear. That is, until Closet Factory designer Claudia shows up and the weight is lifted, at least as far as the closets are concerned.

OPERATION REORGANIZATION GIVES YOU A PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN AT ONE OF THE MOST “ORGANIZED” COMPANIES IN THE COUNTRY. For more information on this and many other design concepts, please feel free to reach out to your local Closet Factory franchise! Find yours here!