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Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2021

It’s a fact of life; The longer we spend in our homes, the more time we have to look around and notice what’s working for us (and what isn’t).

More than 3/4 of US homeowners did some kind of home improvement project in 2020. While relief is in sight, checking out the top home remodeling trends for 2021 might make the wait a little easier.

Interior designer and realtor Jennifer Burgess was a recent visitor to the Arizona Living, Your Home, Your Inspiration show, where she shared tips and trends with host Jane Clauss (video above).

We’ve transcribed that interview (lightly edited for clarity), so that you can jump right to the section that interests you most.

Home Remodeling

Remodeling Trends on the Rise

Jane 00:16 – So Jen, tell us what type of remodeling projects were on the rise last year.

Jennifer Burgess 00:22 – We’ve seen everything. And it really just depends on where the home is located and what the person’s budget is. But I’ve seen everything from redoing the interior paint, just taking a weekend and painting your house.

I’ve seen people rip up old floors and install new wood floors or new carpet and I’ve also seen as big and drastic as new master bath, new kitchen. It really just runs the gamut. But each project brings such new life into a space.

Jane 00:53 – And what do you think the reason behind this desire to remodel the home? What’s that coming from?

Jennifer 01:00 – Well, I think just like everybody watching, we’ve all had to spend a lot more time at home over 2020. And so when you’re within your own walls for that long, you start to really notice the nuances of how you live and the details of your house and do the two blend together well, or is there conflict in the space? And I think, you know, after a couple months, people start to realize, gosh, I don’t utilize this space or this room in my house like I thought I would, is there another purpose for it? I think you start to really become aware of your surroundings.

kitchen remodel

Jane  01:37 – I’ve seen a lot of people redoing spaces for offices these days. And I’ve also heard of something called a Zoom Room, people are creating their own Zoom Rooms out of closets.

Jennifer 01:47 – Yep, that’s for sure. The other trend we’re seeing too is space for a home gym. So whether that’s, “Hey, I want to drag my Peloton in somewhere and have a workout room,” or “I need a space for my yoga mat and some weights.” We’re also seeing people carve out a little niche for that in their lives.

small remodel

Small Projects that Make a Big Impact

Jane 02:06 – So if somebody is looking to spruce up their home, what do you think they should tackle first?

Jennifer 02:11 – You know, the boring answer to that is what’s your budget because you have to be so realistic with this process. Most, if not all, of the remodels I’ve seen take much longer than people think and they cost more. So I would say first and foremost have a very honest discussion and decide what you can really stomach. You know, if a kitchen remodel going to take four months, can you handle that?

But I would say some of the biggest bang for your buck items that will not take four months, repaint your interior, not only will it appear fresh and clean, it’ll also kind of give that new house smell. And freshly painted walls are always a nice relief to walk into.

I would also say doing the light fixtures, you can really update the exterior elevations of a home by just changing out the lights around your garage, by your front door, and it’ll just give your house a whole new life.

Jane 03:13 – Yeah, I love it. And those smaller projects can really make that big impact. We think about maybe changing out the door knobs in your kitchen for a little bit of difference or an update, or even doing a gallery wall of photos is one of the things I love to do. So some cute and easy DIY projects. What else can make that big impact without breaking the bank?

Jennifer 03:34 – You know, like you said, changing out your knobs and poles, also painting your cabinets. There are so many unique things you can do with paint nowadays that, that’s a project you could tackle in a weekend.

Other things I’ve seen are just basically taking some interesting trim and maybe painting that a different color. Not necessarily your whole house, but just maybe the trim around the doors in your baseboards. Go to your local hardware store, buy some 1 x 2 pieces of wood and you can create designs on your walls. It’s really cool and it makes a room look brand new.

wall remodel paint

Jane 04:12 – I love it. Well it’s really an exciting time to be a homeowner and in the real estate market and also even the Home Improvement market. Do you feel like those trends will continue in 2021?

Jennifer 04:23 – You know, I think they will only because this last 12 months people have become very aware of their surroundings and how they live in their spaces. So I think we will still see people have an appetite for refreshing, remodeling, perhaps even demo-ing and building new.

Jane 04:45 – If you’d like more information on Jennifer’s designs, just head to her Instagram.

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