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So we’re not sure if we would trust Quincy to install our floors, but Ozark Floorings would be first on our list!  Here’s why:

You’ve cleaned out closets, painted a wall or two and some of you have even done some serious remodeling. But what about your floors?

It’s surprising how much we take them for granted, but our floors, especially hardwoods,  can really enhance the look of our homes. But between working at home and home schooling and baking that sour dough bread, who has time to go to the flooring stores?

That’s where Ozark Flooring comes in. Literally. They come to you. “But what about the selection process, how can I see the samples,” you may ask. With their mobile showroom, Ozark Flooring can come to your home.

Their beautiful mobile showroom contains hundreds of samples of hardwood flooring, so you can select a few and take them into you house to compare and choose.

The best part is that salesperson is the mechanic as well. So you have an expert on look and installation with hundreds of samples coming to you.


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That’s some serious one-stop-shopping…except wait -there’s no stop since you never have to leave your home! Their service includes supplying, delivery, installation, sanding and finishing. They can even help you with the design.

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But DIYers need not fear, if. you’re handy (and brave) enough to install your own flooring, you can simply purchase the flooring and they will deliver it to you.

With discounts for the military, first responders and teachers as well as specials through the year, there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Call Ozark Flooring today -you’ll be glad you did!

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