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The Best Career Exploration Tool Available! Career Hunters is an interactive, multimedia video podcast and TV show that explores careers across the country!

Get paid to learn!  Sound too good to be true?  It isn't with Riverside Health System's Earn and Learn program.
On this episode of the Career Hunters podcast, Vince chats with Christina and Kathryn, two nurses  from Riverside Health Systems, learning what it takes to be a Riverside Home Healthcare Nurse and getting a glimpse into a day-in-the-life!
On this episode of the Career Hunters, Vince chats with Jacinta and Cherilynn, two therapists from Riverside Health Systems, learning all that makes Riverside Health so special—and maybe even your next place of work!
On today's episode of the Career Hunter's podcast, we get to hear stories from two  of our friends from Riverside Health systems, Sarah Thomas and Charlyn Hudson, who have found profound meaning working as hospice nurses
Joining the Career Hunters team today is Don Guynn from Virginia Hang Gliding. He shares a little about the day-to-day of being a hang gliding instructor, what goes into running this kind of business, and the joys of his job.
Joining Vince and Valerie is David M. Goldberg from Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service in Virginia Beach. David shares some insight into what it takes to be a polygraph examiner.
Joining hosts Vince and Valerie is Dr. Robert Thomas from Cape Henry Chiropractic Wellness to talk about his career thus far, how he got here, and the opportunities for those considering a career as a Chiropractor.
Joining hosts Vince and Valerie is psychologist and counselor Dr. Greg Cason. He shares how you can decipher what kind of change you're looking for in your career, how to go about making that change, and what to avoid when making the big move.
The Riverside Earn and Learn Program is offering paid education to students. Students are educated as CNA's while having their tuition covered and being paid a fair wage. Every aspect of their study is covered, including books. 
When you love science AND you love helping people, a job in the medical field just makes sense.