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Authentic Greek Salad? Yes, Please!

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Our friend Karen Endsley from Cooking From the Heart is back in the kitchen, and this time she is chef-ing up an authentic Greek salad! 

greek salad

She tells us that the most important part before you start putting your salad together, is being really picky about the vegetables you choose!

greek salad

First up: choose your tomatoes wisely! Make sure that they are firm, but have a little give to them. This ensures that they will be juicy and flavorful in your salad! Cut them however you like, but just make sure you have some big thick chunks. Also make sure that your knife is nice and sharp. Dull knives can be more dangerous than sharp ones!

Cooking from the Heart

Throw your tomatoes in a bowl and on to the cucumber! To make it look a little more fancy, you can slice your cucumbers on an angle. Toss those in the bowl with the tomato, and next up Karen slices up a green pepper! 

Cooking from the Heart

Sometimes salads in Greece have green pepper and sometimes they don’t- so if you don’t like them or don’t have one on hand, you can just skip this step! Cut the green pepper into rings and then cut them in half. Add those to your bowl!

Cooking from the Heart

Chop up red onion next- as much as you like! Just go a little easy on it if it’s a date. Add the onion to your bowl!

Cooking from the Heart

Toss some kalamata olives in your bowl, and add as many or as few as you like!

greek salad

The crowning jewel of our Greek salad is the Feta cheese! Buy a big block of it, and cut two large thick slices. Lay those on top of your bowl of veggies! 

greek salad

Squeeze half a lemon over top of your bowl, dust the top with a little bit of dried oregano, and finally last but not least- the olive oil! Drizzle the olive oil over the top, and then add a tiny bit of salt. 

greek salad

Don’t forget to have bread ready for when you’re done with the salad. There will be a fantastic sauce left at the bottom for everyone to dip their bread in! 


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