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Meet the Hosts of Destination Virginia!

Karen Endsley and Barry McKay

Karen Endsley

Though she’s traveled extensively around the world including to China, Morocco, Egypt and Greece, her favorite destination country is Italy, where she spent several months learning cooking secrets from chefs in that country. Her love of travel is what has inspired her to explore the hidden (and not so hidden) gems on Destination Virginia, a show that provides her with an opportunity to show viewers the amazing experiences to be had right here in our own back yard. Karen is also the host of the wildly popular Cooking from the Heart with Karen Endsley on the Yurview Network!

Barry McKay

Barry is best known as a radio personality in Hampton Roads for 12 years. He began his radio career in Maryland and has been on the air in great cities including Seattle, Houston, Baltimore, Richmond, Greenville, SC and Rochester New York as well as across the pond in Paris France! You might even hear Barry’s voice on television on QVC, TBN, and others as he does voice overs for commercials from his home studio.