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Day Trip to Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nevada

Clark County Museum, 35 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, is a 30-acre site with 20 restored buildings, a small ghost town, walking trails and nature areas.

Vegas is well known for entertainment, attractions and live events, but it’s also home to some great day trips. And the Clark County Museum is one stop you don’t want to miss.

The YurView crew visited this unique destination in Henderson, Nevada, where museum administrator Mark Hall-Patton gave everyone an intriguing tour. Watch the video above, or read the full transcription below (lightly edited for clarity).

Clark County Museum
Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nevada

Clark County Historical Museum

Mark Hall-Patton, Administrator, Clark County Museum (00:13) – I want to welcome you to the museum. We’re out here at 1830 S Boulder Hwy in Henderson. This is a 30-acre site. We have 20 restored buildings out here. We have a small ghost town, walking trails, nature areas. So let me show you around the grounds here.

Clark County Museum
Clark County Wedding Chapel

Clark County Weddings

MHP (00:31) – Behind me is the Candlelight Wedding Chapel. In Clark County, weddings are actually an industry. This wedding chapel holds the record for the largest number of weddings in a single day. 425 weddings was done in one day. Can you imagine that? That was between 6am and midnight… works out to two and a half minutes per wedding.

Clark County Museum

A Trip Back in Time

MHP (00:58) – We’re here on Heritage Street. This is part of the museum. And you can see behind me and around me a number of the historic structures that are here at the museum. All of these buildings are open. You can walk through them.

They’re restored to different time periods, the time period of the buildings. And each one will show you a different time period of the 20th century and how people lived here at that time. So come on out and see us. Take a trip back in time and visit the Clark County Museum.

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