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A Road Trip to Haunted Yorktown

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In this AAA sponsored package, Ashley learns all about the hauntings in Yorktown.  Jeff Santos, author/founder of Virginia Paranormal Investigations takes a seat in our living room to discuss why the town is so haunted and to describe what you may experience when you visit.

Yorktown is known as a battle place during both the revolutionary and the civil wars, meaning there was much bloodshed and violent death in the area.


For spirit seekers, Crawford road is a must visit.  Drivers on this long windy road will encounter a bridge which is a know haunted site.  You may find that your car breaks down or you may even see some of the former residents that linger there.

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A walking ghost tour will take you to haunted homes and haunted battle fields where you just may see some spirits who have decided to stay in the area.

If you are brave enough for a visit, make sure to contact YorktownGhostWalks.com and schedule a tour!

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