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Cooking Up the Best Ideas for Your Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving, Photo Courtesy: Valerie Wei Haas

The holiday season is upon us, so here at Creative Living we thought it was a great time to gather up our some of our favorite ideas and trends to kick things off.  This month we explore the newly, created holiday, “Friendsgiving.”   We have tips on the perfect table pairings to the best side dishes. From hosting or the best guest-ever, we’ll make sure you’re not stressing over the main event.

First off, we visit with Chef Steven Maynard of Tempo Urban Bistro about some yummy side dishes that you can make or take along to your “Friendsgiving” Festivities.

We then pose the question, “What’s a food feast without some great pies?”  We went to Confreda Farm to find out how our favorite fruits and vegetables end up in some scrumptious pastries.

Maybe this year you add a scoop of adventure to your “Friendsgiving” fun? Burton Hughes takes us along on his Subaru Sunday Drive to Nelson’s Landing In Nevada for some cliff jumping.

A good “Friendsgiving” celebration must have a great vibe.  Tulsa’s own, Shannon Smith shows us the best party atmosphere can literally be 10 feet away. It’s your patio.  That’s right, November is a perfect time to host “Friendsgiving” outdoors.

And finally, a DIY costume for your little goblin or in this case, Lil’ Stinker.

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