Enjoy the 2nd annual Holiday Lights Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park Zoo with 3 million illuminated lights spanning over 40 acres with larger than life displays the whole family will enjoy.

Ron Patalano – Roger Williams Park Zoo – 00:06 -We’re here at Rogers Park Zoo on our second annual holiday lights spectacular our first walkthrough event.

Borrie Ignagni – Roger Williams Park Zoo – 00:12 -We have a 40 acres of over 3 million illuminated lights. These larger than life festive displays, we have fun food and fire pits and everything you can think of when you think festive holidays and winter celebration. It’s here at our zoo.

RP – 00:32 -All kinds of fun in the activities going on here including having Santa here every Thursday night, stay for the entertainment,  choirs coming in to entertain the guests, so you can spend the entire night here and have dinner here. It’s a great atmosphere for a walk through, and again, it spread over 40 acres.

BI – 00:50 So not only does our zoo have light displays, but we also have fun, festive holiday music. So all throughout depending on what area you are in, we have lights that are synced up to specific songs, we have a light tunnel that syncs up to music. And it’s just really immersive, right as soon as you walk through our zoo gates to enter.

RP – 01:13 – You know, originally, wetlands trails just going to be sort of an exit tab with some upgrading. And then our team really went to town on decorating and so I have to say that is probably  my favorite part of the trail.

BI – 01:25 All tickets are available online only they’re timed entry. But once you’re here you have the entire zoo grounds to explore. You’re not on a time limit once you’re here, but it just allows so we have a nice easy flow in and out of our parking lot.

RP – 01:41 It’s done with all of our in house staff who really have other jobs to do at the zoo. So just a quick shout out to them slipped for working so hard to get this event ready to go in such a short period of time.

BI – 01:53 – We are hoping that this becomes Rhode Islanders and everyone in the surrounding areas annual holiday tradition. So come here and just bundle up and enjoy a hot chocolate and enjoy time with your family and friends.