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ReverseD with Charles Mattocks Coming Soon to YurView

ReverseD chronicles the transformative journey of five diabetics desperate for hope which comes through World Diabetes Advocate Charles Mattocks’ invitation to join him and his team of experts on a retreat in Jamaica to radically change their lives!

Being the nephew of the late great Bob Marley, he’s had quite a bit of acclaim. A tireless advocate for diabetics everywhere, Charles is determined to help stem the tide of this deadly disease. Charles’ hit TV show, ReverseD is the first ever reality documentary TV series which focuses on diabetes. It features five people living with diabetes and captures their struggles and their quest for hope. It is currently airing on Discovery Life network every Tuesday at 7pm EST but he owns the show outright and has offered us the show on a barter basis.

Charles has seen his share of success from his start in music at an early age to starring in many major TV and film roles. Charles’ biggest role saw him being nominated for an EMMY for the film he played the title role in entitled “The Summer of Ben Tyler” with renowned actor James Woods.

Seeking to get away from the hustle of Los Angeles to raise his son as a single father, Charles was led down the road to becoming a Celebrity Chef. Charles is a best-selling author of now three books and became a World Diabetes Advocate following his own diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in 2011. Charles is also an accomplished director and producer and his slate of films and TV programs are highly sought after.

Each career move Charles Mattocks has made is in keeping with his desire to touch lives in a positive way. Inspired by his uncle, the late reggae legend Bob Marley, Charles dared to dream big!

His need to create meals that were tasty, nutritious, and affordable led to his career as “The Poor Chef”. Multiple appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News The Talk, Martha Stewart, CBS TV, CNN and Dr. Oz gave him the opportunity to share what he had learned about feeding a family for less money.

Then came devastating news; Charles was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes! He was determined to save his life and knew he had to help others do the same. “The Diabetic You” documentary, website and movement came out of that determination to educate and inspire people around the world. He is doing just that!

Charles is also a published author with the American Diabetes Association and his new cookbook, The Budget-Friendly Fresh & Local Diabetes Cookbook, is currently available online. His new Children’s Book has also been helping to educate and inspire many families with diabetes live their best life possible.