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Learn How To Organize Your Kitchen and Keep it Junk Free

The kitchen seems to be a “catch-all” place in every home. It is the palace where keys are dropped, mail is sorted and pockets are emptied. Danielle Wurth, of Wurth Organizing shows you how to keep an organized kitchen.  She recommends limiting the size of the basket or tray that serves as the place to “drop” things. A smaller container will keep track of keys and small items. The larger the container, the larger the clutter pile.

organized kitchen organized-kitchen


When it comes to junk drawers, and every home has at least one, it is important to determine the function of the drawer. What goes on in that area and what items are used for from that drawer? Keep only what will be used in that space in that “junk” drawer. Every room could have a junk drawer; kitchen, home office, utility room, etc. Drawer dividers and space savers help to organize those must have drawers.

What about the paper clutter, junk mail that ends up in kitchens? The problem can be simplified by reducing the incoming volume. Catalogs add to mail volume, so Wurth recommends using the source and/or customer codes on the back of catalogs and contacting the company to remove your address from their mailings. It might take 30 days but it stops the clutter. She also says when sorting mail learn to make the quick decision and get rid of it the first time you handle it. Don’t stack it to deal with later. Wurth also advises taking 10 minutes to declutter at the end of the day before going to bed.