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Arrive Home Happy With These Easy Garage Organization Tips

The next “catch-all” area is the garage. Here’s some helpful garage organization tips that can help you de-clutter. Danielle Wurth, owner of Wurth Organizing likes to organize the garage because it is what greets her when she comes home. It is important to keep the center area clear and use the perimeter for storing and organizing. She says to think of organizing in zones to reflect the isles of a hardware store; electrical, plumbing, gardening, etc. She likes to use totes because they are reasonably priced, easily labeled, can be stacked, are practical and come in a variety of colors.

garage organization garage organization


Monica asked about cabinets in the garage and Wurth feels they are good but be sure to organize behind the doors. She recommends having an upright trash container in the garage so items from the car can be thrown away before entering the house. She also suggests having an upright box labeled “Donations” in the garage. When the box is filled, pick it up, put it in your car and donate it. But the most important thing is to start organizing. Start somewhere even if it is just for 10 minutes. Start.