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3 Can’t Miss BBQ Tips from Naked Q Pitmaster Oren Hartman

Fill up the propane tanks and get the coals burning, summer barbecue season is rapidly approaching. But before you start searing those steaks, take a second to make sure you’re preparing the best BBQ on the block with Oren Hartman, pitmaster and owner of Naked Q.

Gas or charcoal?

Charcoal’s going to give you a more smoky flavor and a little more simmer but if you don’t have it, gas is a great alternative. I think any way you’re going to use it, it’s very minimalist. It’s meat and it’s heat, so if you bring those together in any way you can put out some great food.

Most common mistake

I think the biggest mistake people make is everybody wants their grill as hot as they can, they want to cook it very quickly. But for a lot of meats [it’s better to cook] a little bit slow, we call it low and slow here, it helps tenderize the meat and gives you a better product.

How important is prep?

I think prep’s really important. I think getting everything prepared to cook so that once you start the process, it’s all there and it’s easy to do. In our house, the whole family helps with that and that’s what makes it more of an experience than just a meal.

Bonus BBQ Tip

Whatever you’re making, go for it. Try it, take your time, read, ask questions. Have family, friends, maybe a cold beverage around and enjoy the summer!