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Su Vida is back with the latest episode “Taking it Up A Notch” featuring people and businesses.  Kicking it off it’s the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort where Summer 2020 has begun.

When artist David Heredia was unable to find comic books for his kids featuring African-American or Latino Super-Heroes he decided to create his own series and focus on real historic heroes in the animated series Heroes of Color.

David Heredia also offers workshops for up and coming artist and anyone who wants to learn about making money from their art at www.heroesofcolor.com

When Covid hit and the need for hand sanitizer went up, Seven Caves Distillery owner Geoff Logenecker stepped up and pivoted his distillery from making rum to making sanitizer.

Learn how to grow 10x more in the same amount of space using 90% less water at True Garden.True Garden is a vertical aeroponic farm located in Mesa, Arizona. Their mission is to create healthier food while also conserving water. Using their technology they can grow plants faster that are more nutritious and use less water.

The Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium in Prescott launches visitors into the farthest reaches of the cosmos with stunning 360-degree, 4k resolution.


Bisbee, Arizona is home to some individuals with unique talents, like this artist who turns everyday objects into musical instruments.