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Explore Jamestown Settlement, Take a Virtual Tour

After spending over year at our new, often second job, of being homeschool teachers, many of us have run out of ways to keep the kiddos interested.

 Luckily, there still are a few options out there that will help us get that “My Favorite Teacher” award. 

Mark Summers from Jamestown Rediscovery joins the show and shares how Jamestown Rediscovery is helping students stay excited and engaged during this final leg of the year.

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After being closed to the public, they were approached by teachers looking for help.  Fortunately, their partnership with Cox and their high speed internet allowed them to build a robust virtual program.


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Their programs which include themed virtual tours and powerpoint presentations, have been attended by over 200 schools in 27 states and have been viewed internationally.

So, if you’re not quite ready to head out into public areas, with their virtual programs, you can still enjoying learning about early American history at Jamestown Settlement.

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