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Bully Magazine Helps People in Pain

Kimberly Griffin, the creator of Bully magazine joins the crew to discuss how the challenges in her life led her to create the magazine.  Bully magazine is much more than meets they eye.  So to get an even better understanding, we asked her to explain a bit more how and why Bully magazine was developed.

You shared with us the tragic loss of your son, and how this was your motivation for the magazine.  Was his depression due to having been bullied?

Through the years growing up, my son was bullied because of his height and shyness. He was also taken advantage of because of his humble habits. Joey began trying to fit in with the bad boy crowd. After losing his Dad in 2014 and making negative decisions, he became unhappy with his life and fell into a deep depression. Joey submitted to a horrible addiction on the medication prescribed for him with other recreational drugs and overdosed himself on his 27th birthday, October 9, 2019.

Why did you decide to use a magazine as a platform?

I named my magazine “ “Bully”  for individuals to share how any past challenging life experience entered their life and how they’ve overcome the situation. So the questions are not so much geared towards bullying from a person who harms or intimidated them, It more how situations bullied its way into their life.


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How can Bully magazine help it’s readers who are struggling?

After losing my son, I decided to allow individuals to share their stories by releasing whatever pain they may have held onto and not worry about acceptance. Conversations always help balance your emotions when no judgment is involved. With each interview process, we are always given the warmest appreciation and told it feels good when you let go of the unwanted pressure you’ve been holding back due to FEAR.

Are there any signs parents would notice that might suggest their child is being bullied?

The signs that I believe parents and family members should watch for are isolation and restlessness! my son stayed in his home in the dark for 5 days before overdosing himself. He lived with his girlfriend and son and never wanted to engage in anything. He was a very humble young man and just had no more confidence in himself or life.

We understand that you are a book author as well.  What types of books have you written?

I’m also an author of seven children’s books. These books provide the necessary social skills that children need to be introduced to, to prevent bullying. The stories provide great motivation and colorful features to keep the children engage.

And apparently writing is a “family affair?”

My husband is an author of 3 books as well, he enjoys writing novels to take your mind off of life’s challenges and he is the author of my Bio that will be available, August 2021

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