On this episode of We are Living Healthy Alexis is joined by Dennis and Patricia from Virginia Beach Behavioral Health wellness Services to talk about ACEs, a program aimed to connect with compassion for childhood experiences.

Key Takeaways from Alexis chat with Dr. Schreiber

What does ACEs stand for?  Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences—the ACE Study confirms, with scientific evidence, that adversity during development increases the risk of physical, mental and behavioral problems later in life.

How many times have you heard adults say that children are resilient? That they have an innate ability to magically “bounce back” from any situation, regardless of how stressful. Recent work in child development and neuroscience increasingly suggests that children require safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments to thrive. Evidence shows that stress and trauma, especially when prolonged, can interrupt healthy child development, putting them at risk for lifelong health issues.

Dennis and Patricia, helps us to understand ACE’s, and how training can help! However, there is agreement among professionals that various important individual, family, and community conditions can support resilience, such as:

●  Close and stable relationships with competent caregivers or other caring adults
●  Parents or adults who model resilience
●  Identifying and cultivating a sense of purpose (faith, culture, identity)
●  Individual developmental competencies (problem-solving skills, self–regulation, agency)
●  Social connections
●  Socioeconomic advantages and concrete support for parents and families
●  Communities and social systems that support health and development and nurture human capital.

For more information you can Join them for a virtual session to discover more and:

●  Gain awareness of the issue of ACEs
●  Learn what ACEs are and are not
●  How to apply this knowledge to your field of work

There is no cost to attend, however registration is required to receive the link to join the virtual session:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/adverse-childhood-experiences-training-tickets-13140113934 5

Connect with the Educators:

Dennis Southers | (757) 385-0819 | DSouther@vbgov.com 

Patricia Crumrine | (757) 385-0815 | PCrumrine@vbgov.com 

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