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Girls Night or Bros Night; It’s all a Bowl Of Fun

Sponsored by: Big Dog's Brewing Co

Ever have friends who can’t decide what to do on “girls night!” or “bros night out!”? Well today we continue our journey on Life Untapped and we have the answers. Next stop on our ride is Punch Bowl Social in the Makers Quarter of San Diego, California and let me tell you, this place covers all the fun stuff. First off, shout out to the uncanny hospitality by General Manager Brian.

As soon as the crew and I arrived to Punch Bowl, coffee was offered, (and I don’t know if you know this but I need/love me some coffee). Aside from that the place has something to do for everyone, there’s bowling…
Check me out trying to strike a pose 😉

Ivany Villalobos bowling at Punch Bowl Social San Diego

There’s also a bunch of board games, arcade games and so much more. Let’s not forget the best part, the food! During our lunch break we got to taste all the goodies from a punch bowl filled with bourbon and other tasty liquids, to the chicken and waffles to some cauliflower nachos with a delicious cilantro sauce.

Lunch Break @ Punch Bowl Social San Diego


Yum the Worms were so good too!

So speaking of food, this is the perfect spot to jump into the Olneyville New York System. (The say what?) We’re talking hot dogs everyone and to be honest I don’t care how they’re made, I love them no matter what. I have to say one of the best parts about this place is that they keep true to their traditions. So careful as you watch this segment, it will make you hungry, you’ve been warned!

In episode two we imbibed in a variety of beverages from craft beer, wine and mezcal. Big Dog’s Brewing is the perfect place to visit not only with friends but with your family too if your looking for a tasty craft beer. Spoiler alert, the kitchen is open 24 hours a day too. (Winning!)

Okay, so I’m hoping your enjoying the ride so far, because I will be taking you into the
blossoming world of mezcal. Tahona is in one of my favorite places in San Diego, Old Town. During my interview with Steven, the mezcal sommelier, all I was thinking was, “When can we taste this?” At the end of the day, I got the pleasure of tasting a very exclusive mezcal that can only be found at this restaurant.

So have you been wanting to get into Craft Beer, but just not sure where to begin? Viewpoint Brewing in Del Mar, Ca has some tips for us Wine Lovers

Let’s take a break from all the booze talk and chat about how Friday the 13th is coming up soon,check your calendars if you don’t believe me. Most of us probably consider this day of bad luck but others know you can get hooked up with a nice tat for thirteen bucks! Do you have a tattoo Ivany? Why yes I do, and it’s about the same size you can get for $13 but instead I payed $60, fail. My tattoo represents peace and love because that’s what life should be about. (In my opinion.)


I should have waited for that lucky date to get one, like these people did at Eden Tattoo 

Before I leave you (sad tear), let’s not forget it’s no-shave November aka Movember, where participants forgo shaving to help bring awareness to men’s health issues such as cancer. Check out Mister Brown’s Barber Shop in North Park San Diego for unique gentlemen’s experience. I’ve personally have met the owner, Lee, who is a kind, sweet guy, who not only provides a unique place for a nice haircut and shave but great hospitality.

Well my friends there’s a few amazing places I didn’t mention here and for a reason too, you have to watch E2 of Life Untapped to check it all out! With love, Ivany Villalobos, cheers my friends, till the next one!