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Beer, Yoga, and Axe Throwing, Oh My!

Beer, yoga, and axe throwing, oh my! These three topics don’t even come close to all the great places we covered in our first episode of Life Untapped.

If you missed it, pause right now and go watch…I’m serious! Just playing. So, not only do I host this awesome show, today, I will also be your personal tour guide into what the heck happened next as the producers yelled, “Lights,camera, action!” (They actually didn’t yell, I exaggerated, but they are the coolest crew ever!)

“Where the heck am I?” Was my first thought when the elevator doors opened into our main location for the day at Trailer Park After Dark or TPAD.

This place is a hidden gem in the Gaslamp of San Diego, California. The restaurant/bar had flamingos, Christmas lights, and shopping carts as bar seats. I thought that was a nice touch of detail to their interesting trailer park theme.

After filming a couple of lines, I interviewed Joe, the bartender, who showed us how to make a delicious adult beverage. Joe was super nice and got down on making the Romantic Explosion.

Overall, not only did I get to try the drink, which was really good, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but filming at TPAD was fun and exciting. With the variety of trailers they have, it was easy to find a good backdrop.

This first episode also went beyond how cool bars like Border X Brewing are, it was also informational. I truly enjoyed learning about the small but most important details that go into making craft beer.

White Labs made it easy to learn about the different yeast strains they use for beer and in a nerdy way it was cool.

Viewpoint Brewing answered the question of What is Craft beer?

Now, it’s not only bars we checked out, we also had a story with Trilogy Sanctuary on aerial yoga, which I found intriguing.

I’ve always wanted to join this type of class but never found the time to do so. This episode motivated me to actually register. (When I can I’ll share some pics on my instagram: @ivanytv)

I’m sure you’ve seen these Funko pops everywhere, and Funatics are the people who collect them.

Comic-Con International is laying down roots in San Diego so people can experience pop-culture all year long.

Are you looking for some stress relief and a different kind of date night? Well how about a night out at Bad Axe Throwing?

And one of my favorite parts of the show is our Bitmoji credit roll…so fun & creative.

Well that about wraps up the tour guide for today, stay tuned for more Untapped talk, see ya! Follow us on Instagram: @LifeUntapped