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If you're at a loss for what to do this year to impress your family and friends at Thanksgiving, Jane Monzures shows you a DIY Thanksgiving table that will have them all talking. Find more DIY projects here.
Can't walk past a cute little cactus without adding it to your collection? If your shelves are running out of space for your home succulent oasis, maybe it's time to consider some macrame hanging plant holders. If you're game for...
Do you have a bunch of old concert t-shirts cluttering up your closet? Jane Monzures has a cool DIY project that re-uses all those tees in your closet. Find more DIY content here.
If you're interested in building a ramada in your back yard, Pete Cure shows you how. With a home in the Arizona Biltmore as his backdrop, Pete will walk you through some easy and relatively inexpensive projects you can tackle...
The new school year can be hard and making friends is sometimes hard. But Jane shows us a DIY craft that will help break the ice. We'll show you how to make friendship bracelets. Find more DIY content here.
Don't throw out those wine corks; Jane has a DIY project that will add a touch of romance to your table. Find more DIY content here.
Teachers are some of the craftiest people out there but often have a low budget to get their classrooms ready! So they need to rely on their creative genius with a personal touch in order to add a bit...
Dawn DeVries Sokol gives Jane tips on how to doodle with a purpose. Find more DIY content here.
Jane shows us a DIY pillow craft that earns straight A's when it comes to creativity. She turns a graduation gown into a cute, comfy pillow on this segment of Creative Living. Find more DIY content here.
It's summer time and that means a lot of outside-time which can lead to some sticky and messy situations. So we've got a few life hacks to help you out this summer. We also sit down with a doodle...
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